• Audioquest Jitterbug (Opened Box)
  • Audioquest Jitterbug (Opened Box)

Audioquest Jitterbug (Opened Box)



Key features and description

Reduces the noise and ringing that plagues both the data and power lines of USB ports

Measurably reduces jitter and packet errors

Improves dynamic contrast, warmth and resolution

*** We have discounted this Audioquest Jitterbug due to the item being an ''opened box''. Fully working and our standard returns policy is in place.''

Highly regarded in the hi-fi press, Audioquest's Jitterbug is no larger than a portable USB drive stick but packs a punch for digital music between computers and hi-fi systems.

Computers and laptops are not designed for audio purity, this leads to noise in audio signals. Through its circuitry the Jitterbug reduces the noise and jitter which has an improvement way beyond its modest price tag.

With the Jitterbug added there is a rich, clear, detailed sound adding a power and solidity to the music. For the price of a night out the Jitterbug is a tweak that will improve playback of digital music files significantly.